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EAST LONDON (ILFORD) : 0208 554 5412
NTH LONDON (GOLDERS GREEN) : 0208 455 4774
WEST ESSEX (LOUGHTON) : 0208 554 5412
ESSEX (HATFIELD HEATH) : 0208 554 5412
Hatfield broad oak Chiropodist Chiropodist Hatfield broad oak

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Chiropodist Hatfield broad oak

Lee Raphael is a member of The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and registered with the Health Council Professionals.

Trained at the University of Westminster and Brighton University, his long-term ambition was to set-up a chain of foot clinics in both East London (Essex) and North London (Hampstead). His purpose was to help children and adults to be mobile, rectify walking disorders and to treat foot ailments.

Throughout his many years in practice, he has established a highly respected reputation as a podiatrist who is experienced and understanding. Ensuring that his patients always receive top quality and effective treatments, his practices have been developed by ongoing recommendations.

Most feet walk about 70,000 miles in a lifetime – that’s 4 times around the earth.

Understanding the foot’s complications and technicalities, is a lifetime’s pursuit of ongoing knowledge. As technology improves, Lee ensures that he maintains his understanding and ability to apply latest methods and science to help his patients.

Chiropodist Hatfield broad oak

“My work helps me to keep children and adults walking comfortably and enjoying the benefits of healthy feet.” - Lee Raphael

In addition to treating immediate problems, Lee’s understanding of biomechanics and foot function, enables him to analyse underlining causes, thereby ensuring long-term results.

“Lee is the first chiropodist who has not just dealt with a corn but also the root of the problem. By this extended service, he delivered far more than I originally expected.”
- Bhiku P. hatfield broad oak, Essex
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