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EAST LONDON (ILFORD) : 0208 554 5412
NTH LONDON (GOLDERS GREEN) : 0208 455 4774
WEST ESSEX (LOUGHTON) : 0208 554 5412
ESSEX (HATFIELD HEATH) : 0208 554 5412
Bunions Hatfield heath

Member of:-

• Corns & Calluses
• Dry Cracked Heels
• Verrucae & Warts (chemical,
cryotherapy and electrosurgery)
• Ingrown Toenails (surgical and
non-surgical correction)
• Thickened Nails
• Sport Injuries
• Heel Pain
• Foot & Ankle Pain
• Walking/Gait Disorders
• Mortons Neuromas ( Plantar
Digital Neuritis)
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Childrens Foot Conditions
• Flat feet
• Shin Splints
• Metatarsalgia
• Clawed Toes
• Bunions

Podiatrists and State Registered Chiropodists serving Hatfield heath

Worried about your bunions, verruca, warts, corns or ingrowing toenails?…
Need orthotics for walking problems or need to find an expert for
biomechanical assessment and Computerised Gait Analysis?...

Offering a full range of podiatry and chiropody services

The Beehive Foot Clinic - Ilford (established 1986)
Buckhurst Hill, Essex
The Brookland Foot Clinic (established in 1997)
North London, near Hampstead.

These three outstanding surgeries offer an expert, foot treatment service for all health related issues and/or walking problems.

Using latest technology and skills, under the direction of Lee Raphael, the clinics are respected for the quality of their services and medical expertise. Whether for a routine check-up, biomechanical assessment or for a Computerised Gait Analysis, Lee Raphael is recognised as a leading podiatrist.

“Lee is outstanding. He carefully analysed my foot problems and offered the best advice and solutions. Being able to comfortably walk around is so important. Lee has enhanced the quality of my life.” - John M. Essex

To book a consultation – please call your nearest clinic:

Beehive Clinic (Ilford and Buckhurst Hill) Essex
020 8554 5412

Brookland Foot Clinic (North London)
020 8455 4774

Or email:

HPC Reg No. CH8400
Bunions Hatfield heath

Lee G. Raphael

Registered with the Health Profession Council HPC No: CH8400

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