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Beehive & Brookland Ltd – terms and conditions

Podiatry treatment is offered subject to the following:

1. Treatment fees are payable for all treatment/work given or received between our staff and the patient (or patient’s guardian). Payment can be made by cash or debit/credit card.

2. No credit will be given – fees are due at the time treatment is given or received.

3. Fees will vary according to the treatment or consultation given or received.

4. Additional fees will be charged for additional procedures and items/products used during your treatment, this may include verruca treatment, surgery, dressings, anaesthetics, bandages, insoles/orthoses, medicaments, foot-care products, scans, further assessments and advice, etc – this list should not be considered exhaustive.

4a. Payment via medical insurance: Those patients paying for consultation, treatment or items by private health insurance are kindly reminded to note that payment for all and such matters remains strictly the responsibility of the patient. The insurer may be the method by which the patient discharges that responsibility but responsibility remains with the patient. This means that should the insurer for any reason decline the whole or any part of the payment, whether before or after the issue of any authorisation, the patient remains fully liable for any outstanding payment

5. We shall not discriminate against you due to any disability you may have.

6. We shall treat you with the same respect, professional care and professional conduct as anyone else regardless of your gender, gender identity, sex, sexuality, race, religion, disability or profession.

7. We reserve the right to treat you or not treat you, and to withdraw treatment at any time, without notice, in accordance with the rules and codes of conduct of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists and the Health Professions Council.

8. Appointments are mutually agreed between us and you, in advance, and upon acceptance of the appointment, verbally or otherwise, you are bound to keep the appointment, subject to the following:

8a. You may book an appointment by visiting or telephoning your nearest branch.

8b. We do not currently accept bookings by email.

8c. You may postpone, cancel or re-arrange your appointment, without penalty, up to 24 hours before your appointment, by visiting or telephoning the surgery – We do not accept notification by email under any circumstances. Failure to notify us in person or by telephone will result in you being charged a standard £45.00 missed appointment fee. Cancellation of Sunday appointments must be by 5pm on the previous Friday afternoon at the latest.

8d. We reserve the right to take payment in full, in advance of treatment. This will be refunded in cases of cancellation only if 24 hours notice is given or by 5pm on Friday for Sunday appointments. Advance payments are usually taken from new patients or those with a poor attendance history.

8e. You will be expected to pay for all postponed, cancelled and/or missed appointments within 7 calendar days of the date of the failed, cancelled and/or missed ppointment if you have not prepaid at the time of booking.

8f. You may not use our services again until any outstanding fees have been paid.

8g. If fees remain unpaid for more than 21 days we reserve the right to refer your outstanding debts to a debt collection agency/recovery service or to the Magistrates (small claims) Court for payment collection. Any fees incurred for such services will be added to the outstanding amount

8h. We reserve the right to postpone, cancel or rearrange your appointment without notice. Please note: we will only do this in exceptional circumstances which may include sickness, accident, poor weather, any other incident which affects the ability of a team member to attend your appointment or where premises become unavailable due to circumstances beyond our control. We will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible if we need to do this giving you as much notice as possible.

9. These terms and conditions apply to services provided by Beehive & Brookland Limited, and are subject to change.

Lee Raphael BSc., MCh.S
Podiatrist - Specialist in Biomechanics, Gait Analysis and Foot Surgery (Nail & Skin)

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